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CDJapan Presents: Vote For Most Popular Johnny's Entertainment Groups: https://goo.gl/F8iy5O
We've started a fan vote to find out the most popular Johnny's Entertainment group at CDJapan. Based on the final result, we will offer extra rewards points on the products of the group placed No.1 in the poll.
After we get back in business nextweek, we will come up with the 1st intermediate results.
It would be great if you take a time to vote and share us your comment!
Vote For Most Popular Johnny's Entertainment Groups: https://goo.gl/F8iy5O
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Can't wait for my Arashi I'll be there LE arrive to my house!!
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For this year's Waku Waku Gakkou Arashi will be teaming up with Sexy Zone!! 😍😙
Kyocera dome: 6/17-18
Tokyo dome: 7/8-9
Theme of the members for now:
Ohno Why do humans cry? The effect of tears
Aiba Let's fall in love with sports
MatsuJun Let's be friends with anxiety!


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Kyaa, Kakkoii!! 😍💚❤💜💙💛


Release date: APRIL 19

Limited Edition:
1. I'll Be There (Kizoku Tantei theme song)
2. Round and round
3. Round and round (Instrumental)
DVD: "I'll Be There" PV + Making
+ 16-page booklet

1. I'll Be There
2. unknown
3. Treasure of life
4-6. Instrumental tracks

#Arashi  #newsingle  #illbethere  #covercd

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Poster of Aiba-chan new drama that will start on 17th April 2017. Kizoku Tantei!
Kakkoiii~ 😍💚

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Although I'm not celebrating Valentines day, I just want to say it for this guys 😊
Happy Valentines Day!!

#Arashi #matsumotojun #ohnosatoshi #sakuraisho #aibamasaki #ninomiyakazunari #valentines

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Kyou, watashi wa 23 sai ni narimasu! 🎊
Kotoshi wa yoi toshi ni naru you ni!!
saiko no ichi nichi deshita 😄

[Now Playing] Arashi - Wish, Happiness, Tadaima 🎧💛💙💜❤💚

My wish:
1. Yoi shigoto o suru
2. Arashi o mitashi no tameni okane o setsuyaku
3. Nihon ni iku

#Arashi #birthdaysongs #mywishesin2017

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Tanjoubi Omedetou~🎉😊😙
Wish you all the best in the world and many more blessings come your way. Please stay as Arashi's shadow leader and please keep writing more Sakurap for us. Stay as the cool yet dorky idol that you are and may you always have good health. May you find enough rest despite your busy schedule and always remember that your members love you and they will always be there for you. We all love you Sakurai Sho, and once again, happy happy happy birthday!


#Arashi #sakuraisho #rapper #caster  #shadowleader #Shonuary #35thbirthday

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Akemashite Omedetou Gozaimasu!! 🎉
Kotoshi mo yoroshiku~ 😊
Hope this year will better than before, keep your health and don't give up to make your ideal come true!!

My wish:
1. Save up money to go to see Arashi Live Tour Concert 5x20
2. Accepted to magister program of english department
3. Get a good job
4. Make my family happy

I don’t know why, but arashi always my no.1 list. Love has no boundaries 😍😊

[Now Playing] Arashi - Wish 🎧

#Arashi #mywish #newyear2017

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HAPPY 34TH BIRTHDAY, MA-KUN!!!! Continue smiling!!!! We love you beyond the smiles and miracles!
And you have no idea how far can your SMILE go. How many hearts it may touch. And how many lives it can change.

#Arashi #aibamasaki #34thbirthday #midori-kun #ma-kun #miracleguy
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Happy 36th Birthday riida!!
Tanjoubi Omedetou 🎉
Wishing happy birthday to this amazing man with a beautiful and genuine smile, who makes us so happy with his great voice and his love to the fans. You make our days brighter and full of love.

"Oh-chan no okaasan, itsumo unde kurete arigatou!!"


#Arashi #riida #ohnosatoshi #36thbirthday #Oh-chan #Angelvoice #beautifulhands

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Otanjoubi Omedetou, Jun Matsumoto.
Happy 33th Birthday!!!! 😚🎉
May your birthday bring happiness. I hope your day is full of smiles, Kind words and people who you love. Stay healthy, stay as you're and stay as one of Arashi member forever! We love you, J! My ichiban and my King 😍

#Arashi #MatsuJun #MyKing #MJ #MrStoic #ConcertMaster #TheYoungest

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REPORTS - Japonism Arena Tour at Shizuoka (Day 2):
"Nino fell during Disco Star! (again)
And Sho helped him up! 💕"

"What time did arashi wake up?
Sho - 6.30am
Ohno - 5.57 am
Nino, Jun, Aiba - 7am"

"S: How u feeling today Ohnosan?
O: Somehow everyone smells nice
S: HA?
O: Didn't we go to the audience seats? There's different perfume smell
N: That's because everyone has dressed up today!"

"Ohno slept with a humidifier on, so when he woke up, his futon was wet.
Ohno thought he wet his bed. XDDDDD"

"if anyone wants to know

"Nino wore ankle length yellow socks today.
the yellow is strong with him HEHEHEHE

"ha ha ha ha ha
as if Ohno's hips during Rain performance wasn't bad enough
report said Nino's hips were super ero.

"Ohno pat a kid's head! 💖"

"Nice to know how clingy and needy is Ohno for Nino. HAHAHA"

【JAPONISM 7/24AM】Nino once again tripped (on purpose) during the Disco Star walk. Sho rushes to help him up. #yamataro

【JAPONISM 7/24AM】During Ai wo Sakebe, J threw his cupid's arrow at ANOS & all pretended to get hit.

【JAPONISM 7/24AM】But when O shot his cupid's arrow during Kansha Kangeki, none of the other members reacted. Omg Ohno you're so cute T_T

【JAPONISM 7/24AM】RE:Narratage. J: It's a story about one's past. S: It's about seaweed? *T/N: "Past" & "seaweed" are homonyms in Japanese

【JAPONISM 7/24AM】N pranked O to wave at part of the arena where there wasn't seating, but O gave fan service to no one, anyway <3

【JAPONISM 7/24AM】During Everybody Zenshin!, O: Let's dance! NS: *mouths* D-Dance?! S: Dance? O-Okay, let's dance! #yamataro

【JAPONISM 7/24AM】Abt Shinobi. J: Is it like Indy Jones? S: Oh,um, yeah, sorta. N: Ah, then that's your kind of movie, Aiba-san. #aibasno1fan

【JAPONISM 7/24AM】Rehearsal was at 8am, too early for the members. A: We should put that horrible practice footage in the making of.

【JAPONISM 7/24AM】#yama say they get more impatient with age. S: I get there 5min b4 call time. O: I get there early and wait patiently.

【JAPONISM 7/24PM】After Sho's solo-->Lucky Man, Jun passed the mic to Sho w/o ever meeting eyes. #shojun at its finest.

【JAPONISM 7/24PM】During MC abt N's movie, J and O were whispering to each other and smiling x3 #jiimago

【JAPONISM 7/24PM】AMN smiley face at the end of AiSake: J was busy singing to fans that he forgot! AN had to get his attn to draw the smile!

【JAPONISM 7/24PM】RE: Narratage. J: It portrays the pains of being in love. S: That must be hard on you! Want to take a day off? #shojun

"Talking about Matsujun's movie.
SHO: What does "Narratage" mean?
JUN: It's "reminiscence", I think. (kaisou = 回想)
AIBA: Of the sea?
SHO: It's about "seaweed" (kaisou = 海藻)? You're gonna wear "wakame" (a type of seaweed)?
The audiences had a good time LOL-ing. #JapoArena"

"Sakurai-C promoting his Olympics coverage...
He excitedly explained all the games that he'll be covering, the date and the time. Everything. Sasuga!
SHO: Somehow... Do I sound like a JOC (Japanese Olympic Committee) staff?

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When will Sho-kun depart to Brazil for Rio Olympics, so I'll share the information here:

Sakurai Sho will be flying to Brazil on Aug 11. ARASHI talked about this during the filming of VS Arashi that is to be aired on that date.

His schedule will be:
AUG 6 & 7 - Arena Tour in Nagano
AUG 8 - The Yakai filming, News Zero (NTV starts Olympics coverage)
AUG 9 & 10 - Arena Tour in Yokohama
AUG 11 - Flying to Rio~ (24+ hours)

So Sakurai-C's first coverage is expected to be Women's Volleyball on 8/12 (according to Japan Time).


Jan. 3rd, 2016 09:31 am
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Sakumoto..the kawaii ikemen....
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ANISHI 2016.01.16

Kame come as a guest, can't wait to watch
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Ma-kun is seen as playing basketball in the upcoming VSA

Sho massage

Jan. 3rd, 2016 09:19 am
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Sho-chan was surprised by the guest he had at Arashi Shiyagare Ryokan SP 2016.01.01

Here the screen caps
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Arashi collab with Star Wars Characters on Kohaku Uta Gassen 2016
(NYE Sp Medley - Sakura and Ai Wo Sakebe).
Dark Vader, Storm Troopers, BB8, R2D2, and C-3PO all showed up!
Sugoii ne -- Arashi handling light sabers at the beginning before their performance of Sakura - where they change clothes immediately to "Prince" jackets!! Totally awesome ne!
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